On Sparing Spiders.

  • Jackalope: There’s this baby spider that has been lowering itself on a thread from my ceiling and got stuck half way down my room. So I poked it a bit and it went back up. He has now just landed on my papers on my desk. He’s all like “ugh I’m so tired.”
  • Kraken: Hahahahahaha
  • Jackalope: I shall spare him because he is most likely not venomous and will probably grow up to eat many mosquitoes in his lifespan.
  • Kraken: Tales of your merciful benevolence shall echo throughout the spider-realm.
“I’ll throw out my egg cartons for you.”
— Kraken. 

On Loving You.

  • Jackalope: I love you.
  • Kraken: I love you too. I was put on this earth to love you. And I'll keep loving you 'til the day I die.

The wait itself is a gift of grace.

You see, waiting is not only about what you will receive at the end of the wait. Waiting is about what you will become as you wait…Waiting means surrendering your glory. Waiting means submitting to Sis glory.

Waiting means understanding that you were given life and breath for the glory of another. Waiting gives you opportunity to forsake the delusion of your own glory and rest in the God of awesome glory.

Only when you do that will you find what you seek, and what you were meant to have: lasting identity, meaning, purpose, and peace in Christ. In this way waiting is much more than a burden for you to bear; it is a precious gift for you to receive with joy.

— Paul Tripp

“Joyfully, triumphantly, he took her hand and pulled her forward into infinity.”
— Susan Kay, from Legacy (via the-final-sentence)
“I’mma call you boo.”
— Kraken
“You and I have disagreed on just about everything over the years, but [Phoebe] is one thing we’re on the same page about.”
— Pa Kraken
“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”
— Brene Brown (via kvtes)

(via hermitstateofmind)


Couple maintains record for longest marriage at 85 years.  I want this.

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lurking my boyfriend’s old posts from three years ago.